Mine tour by train


Put on your mining equipment and take a ride on a genuine mining train right to the heart of the mine, the Moring district. Driving through the 3.5 km long Glančnik tunnel lasts about 15 minutes and can truly be described as a unique experience. You will step out at the station in the heart of the mountain, 600 m below the surface of Veliki vrh. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you will head for the tourist trail to find out more about the history of mining. Numerous exhibited objects reveal the everyday work and lives of miners. Upon request, we can even serve a real miner’s lunch or breakfast. At the end of the tour, you will hop back on the train and return from the mine full of impressions. The entire tour lasts from 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours.

In the mine, different types of mining equipment and tools are presented that were used by miners in different historical periods, from the early beginnings over 350 years ago until the last days of mining in the past century.



pred vhodom
The tour starts in front of the Karavanke Geopark Info Center where ...

vhod 2
...you will be greeted by your guides.


pred vhodom
The tour begins when the visitors, after having been equipped with a suitable outfit, are seated into the authentic mine cars ...

vhod 2
...in which they are taken along a 3.5 km long the Glančnik shaft to the mining grounds, called Moring.


rudnik 1
This is where the visitors get off the train and continue the 1.5 km long path on foot.

rudnik 3

Along this route there are a lot of articles exhibited in the authentic environment, as if the miners had just left it.


rudnik 4
The exhibited articles represent different ways of a mining process and also the tools and the equipment used for ore digging in the mine in different periods of the history of the mine, from its early beginnings 330 years ago to the last days of mining in our mine at the end of 20th century.


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